What is this?

Anyone can change the world. No matter their station at birth.

I write to develop my own views. Topics include:

  • growth mindset & fear of failure
  • diversity of thought
  • the future of work
  • innovation & cultural change
  • human potential

My current public projects are:

  • Documenting my awesome, possibly alarmingly unconventional journey from lawyer, corporate change agent and senior leader in financial services to creative entrepreneur philanthropist
  • F-OFF: The Fear of Failure Forum – proudly supporting beyondblue – check out our website f-off.org
  • Proliferating the work of Prof. Carol Dweck and Susan Mackie by evangelising others to adopt a growth mindset

I like connecting people & ideas, especially those from disparate domains.

Reach out to start a conversation.

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If you’re the kind of reader that needs to see my credentials before you’ll indulge my views, please feel free to visit me on Linked In.