Our nature

We are infinite wisdom and infinite grace;
the seat of potential, the grin on God’s face;
at our highest vibration, we’re spitting with barely contained joy,
from the cells of our bodies;
We are fireflies deployed.
We are abundance, reverence and bliss.
We are the sacred – we’re the purest of this.
We are everything,
We are all we endure;
We face it with gladness,
all the horrors – and more.
We are the service, the lessons we’ll teach.
We are the soother of souls in our reach.
We are the artist, the poet, the tree.
We are limitless pleasure and laughter and glee.
We are the stars that bespeckle the night.
We are that feeling when everything’s right.
We are the darkness that courts the abyss.
We are the light that disintegrates this.
We are the time that loops on itself. We are the coach to our all powerful self.
We are unleashed perfection. We are enough.
We are eternity. We are absolute trust.
We are the virtues you would weep to imbue. We are the radiant beauty in you.
We are all starlight; the infinite flame.
We are true majesty. We can never be tamed.
We’re gods and goddesses – we are already there.
Take my hand sweethearts just to know – if you dare.
We are the silence, the nothingness howl.
We are forever:
We are:
Right now.

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