Mindset Shift: A Poem

Originally posted on Ideapod.
When will we, with graceful stealth
Stop defining prosperity, value or wealth as, exclusively,
“profit” – or “money”?

When will “value” equal
health, time, free thought,
reputation, inspiration,
Love, wellbeing and collaboration,
Value as Impact; Value as purpose
Not just value in money – or status?

When will being healthy
be seen as = wealthy;
when will she who enriches,
Be favoured over he with … riches?

Why does money; buy more than goodwill? Are our precious reputations worth Nil?

Why do people with big pockets and mean spirits, have more status that the gentle hearts with ripped jackets?

And shouldn’t character be the measure of status, not net worth?

Why have status, is your rebuff
If all ideas matter, then
Shouldn’t the quality of
Our ideas,
Be …

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